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Meredith recently graduated from Texas State University with a BFA in Painting. Her recent exhibitions include the online group show Inner | Other, Uncensored and her senior thesis exhibition Tell the Tale. She was recently featured in Not Real Art's Q + Art and received the Jurors Choice Award at the Student Juried Exhibition that took place last summer. Her work explores nostalgia and the concept of self narration. Using a ritualistic process of creating and consuming  archival music playlists (or "timelines"), she twists personal memories into mythos that boarder dreams and reality.


I create narrative paintings that exist between the ordinary and the mythological. Female figures perform mundane tasks within fictional interiors that pass as both landscape and still life. Overlooked and isolated from others, they reveal their inner state of mind— turning the viewer into both an intimate partner and a voyeuristic stranger.


My work is based on memories I reconstruct from imagination. The natural decay of visual memory is an opportunity for me to contrast realism with expressionism. Architectural elements, such as mirrors, doors, and windows, become portals to exaggerated realities, while arbitrary colors challenge atmospheric rules. I use these tools to tie the narrative back to a psychological moment, resulting in an image that is chaotic but unified.


In recent years, the exponential growth of technology has amplified our obsession with sight. Many people desire to be seen, while some look at others; I am neither. In fact, I have only ever been the observer of myself. The rawness of my work embodies the idea of self-awareness and celebrates feelings of ambivalence, anxiety, and humor. Looking through a mystical lens, I witness my experiences unfold— turning the stories I paint into something more than my own.

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