I am a painter who creates depictions of women in unfamiliar, uncomfortable or unusual circumstances. These situations range from changing a tampon in the jungle, having sex in a barn, to giving birth in the middle of the forest. I use the vibrant properties of oil paints to create a sense of ambiance and environment through complex color interactions, while capturing the emotion and inner vulnerabilities of the subject through variation in my application of paint. These things combine to create a sense of the grotesque and uncomfortable in an effort to solicit a visceral reaction from the viewer. My work explores the concept of bodily autonomy through the use of expressionistic painting, while relying on my own experiences as a woman to critique the historic depiction of the female nude. Related to works by Dana Schutz, Lisa Yuskavage, and Nicole Eisenman, I combine abstraction and expressionism to paint figures representative of the physically demanding expectations placed on women and their bodies.